Preserving the Prairie


Prairie volunteer collageIn early October, volunteers from Ingredion’s global headquarters spent an afternoon at the Wolf Road Prairie Nature Preserve disposing of litter and harvesting seeds from native plants for future planting. The event, sponsored by the Company’s Green Team, enabled employee volunteers to bring awareness of local environmental issues outside of the office and into the local community.

The volunteers met at The Historic Prairie House to learn the history of the location and the importance the prairie plays in the local ecosystem. From there, the group split up and walked the perimeter of the preserve, collecting more than 12 garbage bags full of litter, including fast food containers, broken glass and even a hubcap. 

After cleaning up litter, the volunteers entered the preserve to harvest seeds from native prairie plants. Over the years, the number of native plants has dwindled due to the abundance and aggressive native invasive species and through the development of land for expanding populations. Non-native plants and wildlife can often be intrusive and negatively impact the bio-systems where they are introduced by disrupting the insect and bird population causing changes throughout the food chain. The collection of seeds is essential for the future preservation and longevity of the local ecosystem.

By collecting and preserving the seeds of native plants, the preserve can replant the seeds to reclaim adjacent areas of the preserve from invasive species, helping to maintain the small oasis of native vegetation that is Wolf Road Prairie. 

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