Plant-based Power


Plant-based products power people, but did you know they can power buildings too? Ingredion Brazil is working with ComBio, a company specializing in steam generation projects, to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at the Company's Brazil locations. The Company estimates a nearly 60 percent reduction in direct GHG emissions with the new boilers, contributing to our sustainability goal of a 25 percent reduction in GHG by 2030. 

ComBio will install, operate and maintain two steam production units at our Balsa Nova and Mogi Guaçu facilities. The new boilers are fueled using plant-based materials, also known as biomass, to generate thermal energy to power the facilities. Biomass is created from leftover agricultural material from harvesting crops, completing forestry activities and reforestation projects. 

"We have already implemented the system in our Cabo de Santo Agostinho plant and by expanding this solution to other locations, we are accelerating the energy transition in our Brazilian operation," said André Stolf, vice president of operations for North and South America.

The energy transition efforts began in May and are expected to be completed by August 2023.

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