Ingredion's first global BRG brings focus on Latinx community's role in driving growth


LIDER infographicIngredion's newest business resource group (BRG), LIDER (Latinx of Ingredion for Development, Education and Recognition), is our first international BRG focused on Latinx employees. LIDER aims to improve business performance and growth by encouraging and advancing employees of Latin American descent and culture. "We want all of our people to be able to use their diverse experiences and backgrounds as inputs to work and to drive results," said Jim Zallie, president and CEO. "When we can leverage everyone's knowledge and perspectives fully, we are a stronger business as a result."

"It is extremely important that LIDER was launched as a global BRG, as we share global values and goals with leaders across the Ingredion community," said Lilia Guzmán, director of continuous improvement in North America and LIDER's president. "This is the first Ingredion BRG to take such a step, and it reinforces the importance of the Latinx community worldwide." 

"It is so necessary to emphasize that "Latinity" is much more than just speaking Spanish," said Rodolfo Dominguez Gonzalez, plant manager, Guadalajara. "It is important to understand the variety of Latin cultures, share their strong cultural traits and ensure that all Latinos feel that they belong and are welcomed. LIDER comes precisely to fulfill this need."

During the launch event, Claudia Romo Edelman, founder and chairwoman of We Are All Human, provided data on the Latinx community's value to America's growth, economy, social networks, and small businesses. She presented the Latinx community's history of serving the nation, its influence in shaping global culture, and how it has been underrepresented, misrepresented and undervalued.

"We had hundreds of South American attendees at the launch event, which brought immediate connection to a group of employees who want a voice in actions that bring equity," said Priscilla Mazzi, senior manager of human resources in Brazil. "Latinx leaders must provide, wherever possible, accurate and in-depth knowledge and perspective on the Latinx community to ensure that everyone's needs are being anticipated and that the greatest possible value for the group is being delivered." 

Employees don't have to be of Latinx background to belong to LIDER. "If you are Latinx, work with people who are, or you just want to appreciate your colleagues and their cultures, you can join LIDER and take advantage of the tools, programs and initiatives they offer. Ingredion is a company that is driven by human networks and relationships. You can get things done by knowing who can help you and by bringing people together with different skills," said Zallie.

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