Ingredion China Provides Shanghai Employees Food Packages Before COVID-19 Lockdown


As COVID-19 infections rose in China's largest cities and the possibility of a new lockdown order going into effect, Ingredion China organized 190 food packages to be delivered to employees living in Shanghai. Understanding the toll another quarantine period would have on city residents, the Company wanted to provide relief to employees by assembling and delivering fresh food packages.

"Since the outbreak of COVID-19, Ingredion is always giving priority to employees' safety and health, taking a number of measures to care for employees and enhance their sense of belonging and cohesion," said Jacques Guglielmi, vice president and general manager, greater China and chief operating officer, PureCircle.

"Considering that it could be difficult to obtain foodstuffs during the lockdown, Ingredion contacted local food suppliers and purchased fresh foodstuffs for all employees and contractors," said Ella Zhang, administration supervisor.

After assembling the packages, a team of Company volunteers raced the clock to ensure delivery before the lockdown went into effect. "The timely delivery of the packages helped make all Shanghai employees feel the warmth and love from their Ingredion family and see the impact of living our Care First value," said Zhang. 

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