Feeding Schoolchildren in Kenya


In Kenya, two and a half million schoolchildren suffer from malnutrition and hunger. According to UNICEF, a quarter of the country's 24 million children experience stunted growth due to malnutrition. Ingredion was approached by Kenyan authorities to help find a solution. Partnering with DSM, Tetra Pak, and the Kenyan government, the Company developed a nutritious, drinkable porridge that has been distributed throughout the country.

"Our commitment is to take the lead with industry partners to feed 2 million school children by 2025 with one nutritious meal per day," said Mike O'Riordan, regional president of EMEA. "By doing good in our communities, our business can do well."

"Once we understood the concept, we recommended an ambient, ready-to-drink, fortified water beverage. Since the drink doesn't need a cold chain, using Tetra Pak packaging prioritized ease of consumption, hygiene, and distribution," said Ken Ouma, director of Africa and the Middle East. 

As a result, more than 50,000 children rely on this drink daily, which is expected to grow. In 2023, we expect to provide nearly 8 million servings to needy students.

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