3R Program


At Ingredion, we’re committed to promoting sustainable practices throughout our organization. Recently, members of our Bridgewater, New Jersey location demonstrated their dedication toward our goal by designing and implementing a new program focused on eliminating or significantly reducing the amount of waste created at the site.

The 3R Program – Remove, Reduce, Recycle – began by identifying areas where waste could be cut down and implementing solutions to create a more eco-friendly and cost smart environment. Changes made include recycling personal protective equipment such as hairnets, disposable lab coats, and shoe covers, among others. Onsite employees have been provided with reusable mugs, cutting down on both the waste created by paper cups and are more cost-effective than continuing to purchase paper options. Other changes include the replacement of plastic drink stirrers with wooden ones and using metallic spoons rather than plastic ones in laboratories. In addition to the changes, the Bridgewater team posted signs to educate and create consciousness on the impact use of plastic has on the environment.

In 2020, the team is looking to contract a new waste vendor that accommodates more recycling options. Diana Nieto, senior marketing manager starch-based texturizers in the U.S. and Canada, and 3R Program lead said “Switching to the new vendor as a service provider will allow Ingredion to recycle organic waste to biofuel, ensure that recyclable materials are truly being recycled and result in 100% landfill-free waste management if the remaining trash is incinerated and converted to steam.”

For more information about our sustainability, efforts can be found here.

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